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1 company, 3 locations, 50 years of experience.

Grain-pleasure produced locally.  Based on over 50 years of experience, more than 500 qualified colleagues are working every day on turning barley, wheat, durum wheat, rye, maize and textured vegetable proteins into high-quality products for the modern food and feed industries.

At the Nordgetreide sites in Lübeck, Falkenhagen and Überherrn, our production units incorporate established processing methods with state-of-the-art technologies. All processes are subject to continuous quality controls and are certificated in compliance with the industry guidelines.

Expertise, quality, trust.

Quality convinces.
Quality is the guiding principle of our daily work. It determines the choice of raw materials, is the blueprint for all colleagues' day-to-day business and our management's most important value. Thanks to our comprehensively equipped factories with our own maize and hulling mills, we can execute the entire manufacturing process. This allows Nordgetreide to offer all customers state-of-the-art cereal products in premium quality – perfectly processed in line with the market requirements and tailor-made to meet individual needs.

Innovation inspires.
Continuous enhancement is an indispensable cornerstone of quality. We regularly invest in the most modern grain processing technologies, monitor national and international trends and market developments, develop innovative products and consult our customers on the latest trends. Furthermore, our employees’ personal and professional development is an integral part of our innovation-concept

Team spirit wins.
Our system of values is characterised by mutual respect, transparency and trust. Those values are reflected in internal and external communication and in our interaction with each other, as well as in our relationships with customers. Expertise, honesty and professionalism are the pillars of the trust that our employees and customers place in Nordgetreide.

Future matters.
Quality also implies sustainable economic practices. Worldwide, the grain industry contributes to the fundamental supply of food. Nordgetreide is well-aware of the responsibility this entails and has pledged a strict commitment to resource-friendly operations. At all three locations, we are taking on both ecological and social responsibility. In this way, Nordgetreide consistently works towards sustainable business success. To create a future and to secure a future.

Corporate mission statement.

Our mission.

Our mission: transforming grains into pleasure. Uncompromisingly good, perfectly adapted to our customers’ wishes and in harmony with our values. That is why we place particularly high demands upon our leadership team. Both in internal and external communication, we insist on respect, openness, reliability, expertise and a result-oriented approach.

These values are the recurring principles that guide our day-to-day business. They define the way we inter-departmentally work together, improve our processes, develop ourselves personally and professionally, and assure Nordgetreide's success.

All teams across Nordgetreide work based on experience, key figures and in the understanding that continuous optimisation is what propels us forward as individuals, as a community and as a company.

Continuously better.

Two of the most important pillars of our success are our employees' competence and the continuous enhancement of our operational processes. Due to both pillars' reciprocity, Nordgetreide colleagues work in interdepartmental and result-oriented projects. All departments contribute their knowledge openly, promptly and straightforwardly. To set the right priorities in the enhancement process, we refer to specific, current and informative key figures. In this way, we guarantee transparent and efficient solutions and procedures. And jointly keep Nordgetreide on its successful course.

Health is the best investment.

As a medium-sized company in German grain manufacturing, Nordgetreide relies on sustainable economic success. Consequently, the health and contentedness of all our colleagues is a very top priority.

Our comprehensive corporate health management includes, among other things, regular consulting offers, workshops, company sports and health promoting workspace design. In addition, Nordgetreide subsidises prevention measures according to § 20, 20a SGB V (health and sports classes according to German health law .

Health is also personal. By offering external and confidential employee consultation, Nordgetreide provides support to all employees, beyond the company itself. Independent counselling and coaching experts provide free consultancy on professional, personal or health-related issues.

Strong partnerships ensure Nordgetreide's success.

A.    Nordgetreide belongs to the Hanseatic corporations Laurens Spethmann Holding and Peter Cremer Holding. Both companies have long-standing family roots and represent a strong commitment to quality and successful innovation strategies in the food industry. With their decades of experience and European and global networks, they support Nordgetreide's success.

Three locations. One future.


The Nordgetreide headquarter.

Lübeck is where it all began: Founded in 1966 as a maize mill, the Nordgetreide headquarter on the banks of the river Trave is now one of the most important locations for grain manufacturing in Germany. It is home to the company's own maize and husking mill. Since 1988, cornflakes have been produced in Lübeck-Schlutup. Along with the continuous expansion of our core business, we upgraded the Lübeck factory in 2016 to include a modern cornflakes' production facility. This allows us to meet the requirements of our industry customers flexibly, individually and efficiently.

Get in touch with our colleagues in Lübeck

Nordgetreide GmbH & Co. KG
Zentrale Lübeck
Zum Hafenplatz 1
23570 Lübeck-Travemünde

Werk Lübeck
Mecklenburger Straße 202
23568 Lübeck

Phone: +49 (0)451/ 6 19 68-0
Fax: +49 (0)451/ 6 19 68-220


Where premium breakfast cereals are made.

Since its expansion in 2001, the Nordgetreide factory in Falkenhagen has been our main pillar in all matters concerning the development and production of premium breakfast cereals. Founded in 1994, halfway between Berlin and Hamburg, Nordgetreide-Falkenhagen produces at the highest technological standards for industrial customers and the food retail trade throughout Europe.

Get in touch with our colleagues in Falkenhagen

Nordgetreide GmbH & Co. KG
Werk Falkenhagen
Rolf-Hövelmann-Straße 1
16928 Falkenhagen

Phone: +49 (0)33986/ 5 07-300
Fax: +49 (0)33986/ 5 07-310


Nordgetreide´s Muesli-Forge.

The youngest of the Nordgetreide factories is known as the most state-of-the-art cereal factory in German cereal production since it's commissioning in 2005. Here, Nordgetreide manufactures both multigrain and rice products. Moreover, Überherrn is the factory in which we have perfected the production of crunchy muesli. Surrounded by beautiful forests, the location of Nordgetreide's Überherrn production site is scenic and, thanks to its proximity to France, economically compelling

Get in touch with our colleagues in Überherrn

Nordgetreide GmbH & Co. KG
Werk Überherrn
Im Häsfeld 4
66802 Überherrn

Phone: +49 (0)6836/ 47 14-0
Fax: +49 (0)6836/ 47 14-600