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A variety of mill products that suit you.

For more than 50 years, we have been processing high-quality mill products for industrial use and retail, as well as the animal feed sector. Our local in-house maize and hulling mill enables us to manage the entire manufacturing process ourselves. Therefore, we may flexibly respond to your demands and monitor the end-to-end production with strict quality controls. This already applies to the delivery of the raw material. In addition to South American flint maize, we only use identity-preserved grains whose origins can be precisely traced back to the farmer.

On customer request, we provide gluten-free and organic quality as well as a wide range of peel grades, sizes and individual packaging units.


To prepare a quotation or for detailed questions, please contact us directly:

Michael Senger
Leiter Vertrieb/Einkauf Mühle
Phone: +49 (0)451/6 19 68-231

Hendrik Deitlaff
Sachbearbeiter Vertrieb/Einkauf Mühle
Phone: +49 (0)451/6 19 68-232

Mill products for the food and feed industries.

  1. Nordgetreide manufactures mill products for various areas of application in the food and animal feed industry. In addition to groats, flours and semolina for cereal production, we supply several types of semolina for snacks such as peanut flips and onion rings, Polenta as a sprinkling material for rolls, ingredient for bakery mixes or the production of confectionery, such as the popular semolina pudding. Nordgetreide's maize semolina is also an eminent ingredient in the production of beers in various European breweries and in high-quality forages and pet food.

    Nordgetreide’s assortment offers various mill products for the animal feed industry: Our maize sprouts and our post-husking maize flours are valuable components in concentrated animal feeds for livestock farming. They are equally ideal for the production of dog and cat food. Furthermore, our maize sprouts serve as premium raw material in special feeds (e.g. for horses) and can be used as a starting substance for the production of high-quality edible oils.