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Innovative, established and versatile – grains on point.

Bespoke product solutions for professionals.
On three regional sites, Nordgetreide produces a wide range of products for leading European trading and industry companies. We process a variety of cereals such as maize, barley, wheat, durum wheat, spelt and rye into conventional as well as organic and gluten-free products (DE-ÖKO-006). In the process, we respond flexibly and quickly to individual customer requests in matters of product specifications and packaging solutions. Whether ready-made solutions for retail or in bulk for further industrial application in the food and feed industry - Nordgetreide creates the impeccable product.

Product variety to meet your ideas.
We manufacture high-grade cereal and milled products for all food industry applications – ranging from crunchy additives in chocolate to breading and animal feed. 
The Nordgetreide product range offers classic breakfast cereals and crunchy muesli in a wide variety of types and flavours, as well as granulates and multigrain flakes. We further specialise in a variety of flours, groats and other milled products. Extrudates based on various vegetable protein sources round off our range and allow us to implement even intricate food concepts in-house.

New light on grains.
Being an innovator in the field of grains, cereals and milled products, we monitor international trends and are continuously refining our product range. Beyond our traditional production capabilities, we manufacture, among other things, sugar-reduced protein extrudates as well as meat substitutes based on high-quality plant proteins such as pea or wheat.