Two partners, one goal - to make Nordgetreide successful

As a medium-sized manufacturing company, we operate within the mindset of our stockholders, two businesses with family roots that embody the spirit of the Hanseatic League: Laurens Spethmann Holding (LSH), which operates across Europe and globally networked corporate group Peter Cremer Holding (Cremer). Two companies, which like Nordgetreide, have their roots in quality.

Nordgetreide – a subsidiary of Laurens Spethmann Holding

LSH is a modern, flexible fourth-generation family-run company, providing all the benefits of a company culture shaped by its owners and built on trust, tolerance, close cooperation, and motivation. They have one overriding believe - that only a better offer with extra value for the customer will ensure corporate success.

Tea represents the basis, the development and the future 
Tea defines the company: The founding of the Ostfriesische Tee Gesellschaft (OTG) in 1907 was the beginning of an unusual success story in this traditional  business. Today, tea accounts for 75 % of LSH’s total sales, positioning the company among Europe’s leading tea suppliers. In addition, the company is gradually expanding into other business segments such as snack bars, sweeteners and cereals, and in this way is also expanding with Nordgetreide as a partner.

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Peter Cremer Holding – the parent company of Nordgetreide

Responsible and reliable entrepreneurship combined with flexibility and innovation defines the mindset and actions of this company. With motivated and skilled employees, focused expertise and efficient work processes, Cremer has been continuously creating value beyond the average.

At home around the world  
Cremer is an international enterprise specialising in the trade, production and shipping of raw materials and substances and of oleo chemicals. As a globally organised company in the areas of trade, production, oleochemicals and shipping, Cremer today comprises a multitude of well-established companies operating on all continents – such as Nordgetreide GmbH & Co. KG.

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