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Logistically well-situated locations ensure that our plants have a smooth supply of raw materials and cost-effective, reliable and fast transport connections to our business partners.

The Nordgetreide head office in Lübeck

In Lübeck, one of Germany's most charming cities, tradition has always been a bedfellow of innovation. Founded in 1966 as a maize mill, the current head office located on the bank of the Trave river is an established part of the city today. As our core business, the production of milling and industrial products, continued to grow, we built a cereal flake production plant directly alongside the maize milling and hulling plant, enabling us to meet the demands of our industrial customers flexibly and quickly.

The Hanseatic City of Lübeck

Lübeck is far more than Marzipan, the famous Buddenbrooks merchant family, the Holstentor and its status as a UNESCO World Heritage City. The Hanseatic city, with a population of around 214,000 and Europe’s largest ferry port, has long been the centre for science, production and services on the Baltic Coast.

Good job opportunities draw ever more people to the Hanseatic city. Thanks to its high quality of living and the attractive proximity to the Baltic Coast, it is known among connoisseurs as the “feel-good capital” (Wohlfühlhaupstadt).  Find out more about Lübeck here >>

Nordgetreide – a founding member of foodRegio

Launched in August 2006, foodRegio Lübeck's goal is to expand the food industry in the Lübeck region by actively supporting local companies through the acquisition of new companies. Fruitful partnerships are developed between companies, for example within the context of working groups, to support product development, production optimisation, logistics and personnel development. This is done in close cooperation with research institutions such as the Lübeck University of Applied Sciences or the Fraunhofer Research Institution for Marine Biotechnology, making it possible to combine practical, technical and methodological expertise with the aim of achieving results.
Further information on foodRegio can be found here >>

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This plant is located in Falkenhagen in the federal state of Brandenburg, halfway between Berlin and Hamburg. In 1994, Nordgetreide invested in this location, which demonstrated great growth potential, and built a factory here, a decision that bore encouraging future prospects. Today, it applies the best of technology to produce cereals for food retailers.

Surrounded by nature and yet easily accessible

Falkenhagen enchants with its beautiful location. Encapsulated by agricultural lowlands, forests and heaths, it is also in the immediate vicinity of the lovely Mecklenburg Lake District. Hamburg, Berlin, Rostock, Schwerin, and Brandenburg are all within easy reach thank to convenient train and motorway connections, making shopping and sightseeing opportunities plentiful.

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In early 2005, Nordgetreide launched the production plant in Überherrn, the most modern cereal plant in Europe. It is located in the southwestern Saarland, surrounded by woodland, right on the French border.

France just a stone's throw away

Überherrn's diverse landscape boasts picturesque meadows, traditional orchards and forests. The foothills of the hilly landscape of Lorraine offer the most beautiful views. It is only a stone's throw away from France, so that even gourmets can find what their hearts desire.                                              Further information on Überherrn can be found here >>

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