Our future is built on decades of experience

From 1966

Werner Fischbach and Peter Cremer found the maize mill in Lübeck in 1966. The mill processes European grain maize for the brewery and snack industry. Business booms, and so Nordgetreide invests in a hulling mill, which produces groats and hulled barley from grain.

From the 1980s

At the end of the 1980s, the first cereal flakes are produced in Lübeck, which even today are processed into muesli or crispy coatings in the food industry, for example.

From 2001

With the completion of the plant in Falkenhagen in 2001, Nordgetreide establishes the technical conditions needed to also supply the food retail industry with high-quality breakfast cereals.

With the establishment of its new food retail sector, Laurens Spethmann Holding (LSH) invests in Nordgetreide as an equal partner alongside Peter Cremer Holding.

From 2005

The successful development of the food retailing business unit enables the construction of a further plant. In early 2005, Nordgetreide commences operation of its Saarland cereal plant, the most modern in Europe.

From 2007

The extruder facility in the Überherrn is upgraded.

From 2008

In Falkenhagen, the combination line commenced operation, capable of producing both multigrain and rice products.

From 2012

With its investment in a new extruder, the Falkenhagen plant meets the highest technical standards, comparable to the modern facilities in the Überherrn plant.

From 2016

By extending our facility in Lübeck we created the most modern cereal production plant in Europe, enabling us to offer a wider range of products for the food industry.