Successfully aligning customer needs and expertise

Nordgetreide produces the following products from maize, barley, wheat, durum and type, depending on the degree of hulling requested by the customer:

  • Hulled cereal
  • Chopped cereal
  • Shredded wholemeal, fine and coarse
  • Pearl barley
  • Premixtures of maize and hulled cereal products  (e.g. two-grain = maize goats/wheat, hulled)

Of course, all products can be produced with organic Status (DE-ÖKO-006).

Nordgetreide offers its customers a wide range of milling products – produced professionally and of excellent quality, tailored according to individual customer wishes:

Maize grits

We primarily differentiate between standard, coarse and fine grits, sub-categorised into different degrees of hardness (EU-maize and flint corn from Argentina).

Maize groats

Nordgetreide’s standard range includes five different types of high-quality maize groats. These are also categorised for example by size and degree of hardness.

Maize meal

Maize meal is also produced during the milling of maize and is used in the food and feed industry.

Wholemeal grits

Due to the large quantities processed by Nordgetreide, we are also able to produce this product for the food industry.

Maize middlings

Our top-class maize middlings, often used as maize substitute in the production of concentrated feed, has long been a firmly established product. It can be delivered as shreddings or pellets.

Maize germs

This high-quality by product is rich in low-cholesterol fats and proteins and is used in the food and feed industry sector.

Maize husks

This product is high in dietary fibres. Nordgetreide will deliver maize husks in coarsely and finely processed form upon request.