Nordgetreide is much more than just a supplier. Beeing the only German cereal producer with its own maize milling plant and hulling plant, we control the entire production process. We offer our customers market, technology and production expertise in all fields in order to develop a relationship of trust with our customers on the basis of experience, quality and competence.

We deliver breading solutions as a product or as an ingredient in the preferred golden yellow colour and with the requested texture for fish, poultry and meat products as well as for vegetarian products. The coarseness of the granulates allows different levels of crispness – precisely according to our customers’ wishes.


Nordgetreide offers a complete range for target-group specific muesli or cereal products, including:

  • Conventional flakes
  • Gluten-free flakes
  • Organic Flakes (DE-Öko-006)
  • Traditionally cooked, puffed or extruded cereals  
  • Healthy and nutritious food
  • High-fibre health cereals

Nordgetreide also offers tailored cereal solutions for innovative snack-bar concepts. Our comprehensive range of cereals allows the development of products that tastes great, have an ideal texture, are excellently formed and are produced efficiently.

Nordgetreide also has interesting products for pastries and fine bakery goods:

  • Toppings for cakes, muffins and bread
  • Texture and crunchy additives for baking mixtures or for use as fillings or toppings for biscuits

True to its motto „Refining the Finest“ Nordgetreide offers cereals for chocolate – both as part of the main product and as decoration.  We can also create different textures and taste sensations - whether airy and light with puffed grain, or toasted rice or crunchy with extrudates, cornflakes or cornflake extrudates. Everything is possible.

We provide granulates for fruit-based recipes and as a raw material for chocolate-coated and sugar-coated cereal products, both for two-chamber systems as well as for top cups.


For an offer or detailed information, please contact us directly:

Tel.:+49 (0)4502/ 8886-267
Email: vertrieb-industrie@nordgetreide.de